love my glass straw

I’ve been looking at glass straws online for a month or so. Wanted to buy a few and then came across a blog giveaway which I won! I received five glass straws from via the giveaway on Simple Bites. Four of the straws are clear glass, two different lengths and two styles (widths)…regular and smoothie. The fifth one is decorated with a bit of colored glass. That’s the one I chose…surprised??

love my new glass straw

I really love the straw. I love glass in general, but the glass straw is great because it allows me to give up the use of plastic straws (which I used every day!). I have been reading a lot about the impact of plastic on our environment. When I started paying attention to what comes into and goes out of our home, in terms of plastic, I was really shocked. And I want to do something about it. Especially one-use-and-throw-it-away plastic. Not cool. It takes some effort to figure out how to quit using plastic products, but we’re working on it. I’ll post more about those efforts another time.

Listen to this six year old, named Anna, who has some information you should hear regarding plastic trash.

You can check these web sites for information about glass straws.




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  1. Genny
    Posted July 21, 2010 at 9:45 pm | Permalink

    What a winsome little girl with a good message.

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