this week in pictures / feb 18 ~ 24

I spent most of the week working on Putz houses. On Monday, this church was fully assembled and ready for embellishments.

Putz house

I made the pattern in two sizes. The church on the left is the full-size pattern. The one on the right was reduced to 80% of the original size.

Putz house

In addition to the churches, I made a couple of spring Putz houses. This is the mini version.

Putz house

When it was done, I decided I like the mini one so much that I am keeping it for my own collection.

Putz house

The second springtime Putz house is larger than the first. I was able to use the same yellow, but the green was less blue and the blue was more lilac than on the first house.

Putz house

The house is embellished with mulberry paper flowers, velvet flowers and preserved moss.

Putz house

DH took this picture of Clark, king of the upstairs banister. He looks pretty noble, doesn’t he? By the way, he is standing over the staircase. It is a twelve foot drop to the first floor. But he doesn’t mind. This railing is one of his favorite places to hang out, even for a nap.

King Clark

We had asparagus at lunchtime. With our cold temperatures and very windy day, I was reminded that somewhere out there, it is warm enough for asparagus to grow. It won’t be long before spring is in full bloom here, as well.


DH just brought in a picture he took in the back yard. Our first spring blossoms. Tiny crocus in the grass. This counts for spring!


He also brought in some daffodils he dug up in the back yard. We should have blossoms soon!

daffodils from the back yard

And soon, they will be blooming outside!


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