last week in pictures / feb 4 ~ 10

This week seemed to fly by. So much to do. So little time. I am in the process of tailoring a planner to fit my own needs. It makes me aware of how much I want to do and how much more time I would need to do it all! But it IS helping me schedule my days to better manage the time I’m given.

This week’s first picture is of two Putz houses I finished last week. Same pattern, different sizes. The smaller one is reduced to 80% the size of the larger one. Easy to do, using a printer to change the size of the pattern.

same pattern, two sizes

February 4 is my best friend’s birthday. We were college roommates and remain best friends 40+ years later. Me on the left. MJ on the right. In her boyfriend’s room. Now her husband.

College days.

I am working on Irish cottage Putz houses this week. On Tuesday, I cut them out and assembled them.

Irish cottage Putz houses

As I mentioned, I am working on a planner that fits my own needs, and on Wednesday, I worked out the kinds of pages and categories I want in my planner.

planning my planner

Thursday, I began painting the Putz and I found two greeting cards I could use for the bases of two of the Irish cottages. I also ordered some vintage St. Patrick’s Day postcards from Etsy to use for more bases.

making Irish cottage Putz

Friday I was up early enough to catch the first rays of sunlight in the craft room. The room has a large east window and two large south windows. The space between the cabinets is the doorway to the hall.

early morning sunshine in the craft room

I also made thatching for the Irish cottages.

making thatching

Can you guess what this is?

coffee maker

It’s the condensation on the underside of the lid of my Clever Coffee Dripper.

coffee maker

I like this little coffee maker. It makes one perfect cup of coffee for me each morning. I’m not a coffee drinker in the summer months, as a general rule, but in the winter, I’ve come to appreciate it.

The sunlight hit it just right and it made a striking pattern. Bokeh, bokeh, bokeh!

coffee maker

When Clark the cat gets a pet, he likes to tuck his head under your arm.


I called his name and he popped up just long enough for me to snap this picture.

Hi, Clark

The sunset was pretty Saturday evening. I am glad the days are getting longer again. That does a lot for my sense of well-being.

sunset from the craft room

And then, there’s today. Cold, cloudy, grey, and icy. But the tulips give me hope.

tulips and ice

Last week was quiet, but busy. Now to get ready for the coming week.


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