spring has finally arrived

Spring is running about three weeks later than usual here. But things are looking up. It finally got warm enough that I ventured out into the garden to see what’s blooming.

spring. finally!

First the daffodils. So cheery! And they can take a freeze and keep on blooming.


These are ‘Easter Bonnet.’

'Easter Bonnet' daffodils

Mini daff called ‘Tete-a-Tete.’ The blooms are about an inch across and the plant is 6-8″ tall.

'Tete-a-tete' daffodils


‘Poets’ daffodil…these came from my husband’s family.

'Poets' daffodils

The peonies are up, though not showing buds yet. The daffodils in the background also came from DH’s family farm.

Peonies are up!

The grape hyacinths are up!


The flowering almond will burst open in the next day or two.

Flowering Almond

And the lilacs, too…


The ‘Jane’ magnolia just opened its first blossoms Thursday. It will be covered in a few days.

'Jane' magnolia

'Jane' magnolia

This flowering fruit tree popped up next to the compost pile. A volunteer. We will have to wait to see what quality of fruit it provides, but the blossoms are beautiful!

peach tree?

The Lenten Rose has been blooming for a few weeks. We found a volunteer Lenten Rose about fifteen feet from this one.

Lenten Rose

And the hostas are popping up! This is ‘Journey’s End’ which gets quite large.

'Journey's End' hosta

We host a beehive for friends and the bees are busy enjoying all the lovely flowers.

honey bees

In our little one acre wood, the bluebells are nearing the end of their bloom time.

Virginia Bluebells

The bloodroot is out. Such a beautiful white!


We found a lone trillium.


If the warmer weather holds, we will soon have peonies. I’m looking forward to those!


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