the tail end of the week

This past week has been a busy one. Today is much quieter and at a slower pace, which I am enjoying.

DH is the director for our presbytery summer camp. That took place this week, so he was gone to camp. I am the editor of the camp “yearbook,” a collection of pictures of campers, camp activities, and address lists. It takes a full three days to pull that together. Middle Daughter takes tons of pictures for me to use each year. It is fun to do, but by Thursday I was way tired!

Ski kept me company most of the time I was working on the yearbook.


Sometimes he napped, though…


DH got home yesterday, with our grands in tow. It was their first time at summer camp. They had a great week! They stayed all night here and their daddy picked them up this morning. They need to do some school shopping. Their school year starts later this week.

We made a little fire last evening and cooked hot dogs and made S’Mores. The weather was beautiful and it was a pleasant evening to be outside.

backyard cookout

The S’Mores are their favorite part.

Time for S'Mores

We spent part of our outdoor time looking for butterfly eggs on Queen Anne’s Lace, but didn’t find any. The girls were disappointed, but we’ll keep looking. In previous years, we’ve found the black swallowtail butterfly eggs in late August and September. We have a fish tank that we have set aside for raising butterflies, so we’re ready if we do come across some eggs. Here’s a picture of the tank.

butterfly tank

And a picture from last year. Clark paid no attention to the tank until the butterflies emerged. Their fluttering was so exciting!

raising butterflies

Here’s a blog post about our caterpillar / butterfly setup, in case you’re interested in doing the same. It’s an activity that is just as fascinating for adults as it is for the kids.

caterpillar club

Youngest Daughter’s college roommate is visiting this weekend. We aren’t seeing much of them, as is usually the case. They’re making the rounds of places to go and people to see. Soon, they will be starting school where classes and projects will be filling their time.

I am looking forward to getting back to the craft room next week. It has been almost a week since I made any progress there. All those projects I have underway are calling my name and I’m eager to get back to them.


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