a peek at my week

Today has been a quiet day. The girls are gone for the afternoon…one to work and one to an appointment. DH is at work, of course. So it’s just me and the cats. Here are a few pictures of Winston from the past week.

In the kitchen sunshine. He is quite fluffy and has very long whiskers.


In a box…


Did you notice above that I got a new Ninja blender? Love it. My old blender was awful to use. This is SO much better! And it makes great smoothies!

We also got a counter-top ice maker. Winston cannot stand an unexplored box.

They can't resist, can they?

Buttercup enjoys the Sunday morning catnip treat. When DH picks the flowers for the Sunday bouquet, he always brings in some catnip for the kitties.

Sunday morning treat of catnip

This past Sunday, I went out with DH to choose flowers. The dew was heavy, but the early temperature was wonderful. Later in the day, it was in the high 90s.

gathering flowers

daisies and hydrangeas

Buttercup enjoys the back of the craft desk. Especially in the afternoon when the sun shines in.

Buttercup likes the back of the craft desk.

I did some quilt piecing this past week. I am part of a group of women from our church who piece quilt tops for missionaries and others. We’ve been using jelly rolls which makes for easy piecing and beautiful quilt tops.

jelly roll quilt piecing

And last of all, a food picture. I tried “fathead pizza” which uses grated cheese in the crust. It was very good!

fathead pizza

Just a peek at my week. ~~Rhonda

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