daylily season

We have been blessed with several days of beautiful weather, enjoying highs of 80 or less. Saturday was perfection with blue skies, a breeze and low temps. I actually got chilly sitting on the front porch at 11:00 a.m. Unheard of for this time of year. Today is the last of that, though. An expected high of 78 and a low of 57 tonight. Tomorrow the temps start to rise and the windows will be closed and the air conditioner will be turned back on. Our kitties will not be happy. They’ve really enjoyed their view of the great outdoors and all the fun an open window brings. Kind of like television to them…or smellavision…Clark loves an open window.

Clark enjoys the spring breeze

Last Wednesday and on Saturday, we had plant sales to raise money for the scholarship fund for our presbytery’s summer camp. Looks like it’s time to update that sign…we painted it with chalkboard paint so it’s easy to change. Seeing it in a picture makes me aware how it has aged over time!

plant sale

Wednesday was hot, but Saturday was so pretty! I was on the front porch, ready to take care of customers. DH was in the garden digging orders. You can’t tell it from this picture, but there is a street between us and the neighboring house in the background.

plant sale

Snow White was ready for customers, too! She was selling lemonade and chocolate chip cookies to make money to donate to a homeless shelter. Special thanks to our friends who bought a dozen cookies from her! That was so sweet! It really made her day.

plant sale

I love daylily season. The garden is washed with color. DH and I go out every evening to look for FFOs (first flowers out).

plant sale

This daylily is one of my top favorites. Don’t ask me to rank my faves in order! It’s too hard!
‘Wayne Johnson’

'Wayne Johnson'

So many orange daylilies, but this is one of the best.
‘Refiner’s Fire’

'Refiner's Fire'

More subtle, but no less beautiful.
‘Egyptian Ibis’

'Egyptian Ibis'

Another gorgeous daylily. This picture does not do it justice!
‘Spider Man’ (Yes, two words in the name.)

Spider Man

daylilies in the front yard

daylilies in the front yard

Even the common “ditch lily” daylilies are beautiful. Around here, some people know ditch lilies as “Tiger lilies.” This is a picture of the big oak in our backyard that I took one evening while the girls were toasting marshmallows for S’Mores.

the big oak in the back yard

The hostas are blooming, too. So pretty! This is ‘Blue Cadet’ which sits by the birdbath at the kitchen door. The daylily that’s ready to bloom is ‘Little Grapette.’

birdbath at the kitchen door

I have some letter writing to do and some Putz houses to paint, so I’ll quit here. Be back soon!


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