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One of my goals related to my “putzing” is to make Putz houses to represent the months of the year. I am currently working on several Valentine’s Day Putz houses. It’s been a struggle for me. I had to decide what to do about the bases because I like to use a Christmas card when I make my usual Putz houses. I ordered some vintage Valentine postcards, which I love, but I didn’t want to glue them to something, so I had to experiment and devise a way to have the card on the bottom of the base without destroying the postcard. That took some experimenting. And what to do about the snow that the usual Putz house is decorated with?

Because I am a perfectionist by nature, it is hard for me to proceed with a project when I hit any kind of roadblock. But I struggled through and, after a lot of pondering and a lot of self-discipline to finish, I finished my first Valentine Putz.

Valentine Putz

I am trying to decide if it needs a Valentine banner or not. Or some kind of little heart-sy sign. What do you think? “I love you!” “Happy Valentine’s Day” “Be Mine” “Love is Eternal” Suggestions?

My thanks to Middle Daughter who purchased four shades of pink glitter for me! And four shades of pink chenille stems. And other pink and red embellishments. I’ll be using more of those on the next two Valentine houses.

This little house will be featured in my Etsy shop sometime on Monday.

PS…just looking at the picture made me realize I could do a very cute heart-shaped fence with that scalloped design. I will try that with one of the other Valentine Putzes I make!


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  1. Jennifer
    Posted January 30, 2017 at 9:12 am | Permalink

    A heart shaped fence would be divine. you could also do a heart cutout on or above the door. If you constructed a gate, you put a heart “wreath” on it. Or you could paint and cut toothpicks or something smaller and glue small punched hearts on them leading up the sidewalk or just place one by the door or two by the fence. Personally, for the snow thing, I still think of Valentines Day and snow together as it is still winter. So, I would like to see snow. I think your house looks sweet. When it comes to spring houses. you could still incorporate the white stuff maybe with minimal swirls of blue, aqua, and light green. I think because it is a putz style house, you almost expect snowy white somewhere, lol 🙂 Have a good Monday!

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