menu plan monday ~ february 29, 2016

Last Wednesday we had three inches of snow and blowing wind.

mulberry tree in outline

And Sunday, the Lenten Roses were blooming in the warm sunshine.

Lenten Rose

DH dug a pot of daffodil bulbs and we watched them bloom on the kitchen counter.


I continued work at the craft desk and added charms and dangles to finish a set of sixteen bird ornaments.

Finished bird ornaments

The cats are always a great source of entertainment. This evening, Clark and Winston were the ones being entertained, though, as they closely watched DH put together an Ikea cart. It will come in handy next to my recliner. Everything I need at my fingertips.

Cheering section

Sunday, Older Son and his wife prepared dinner for us. It was delicious! And so much fun to have them in the kitchen. We had planned on roasted chicken, but the day was so beautiful outdoors that Older Son grilled the chicken instead. One was prepared with an herb rub and one with a spicy rub. So good!

Delicious dinner

This week’s menu isn’t quite that ambitious!

Fridge Food

Spicy Tomato Cream Pasta
Garlic Bread
Sugar Snap Peas
Garden Salad

Oven BBQ Pork Steaks
Crispy Roasted Potatoes
Brussels Sprouts

Cube Steaks with Mushrooms
Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans
Steamed Carrots

Toasted Cheese Sandwiches
Whole Wheat Honey Bread
Beefy Tomato Soup

Ham or Turkey Sandwiches

Crock Pot Creamy Ranch Chicken
Steamed Broccoli and Cauliflower

You can find many menu ideas at Menu Plan Monday.


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  1. Sandra Lyons
    Posted March 1, 2016 at 7:47 pm | Permalink

    Your dinner looks delicious and it seems it always tastes better when someone else does the cooking.

    Seems your DH has some cute helpers or maybe hinders. But you are going to love your cart. I have one in the dark steel grey in my studio and love it. Love the I can keep it packed with go to supplies and during nice weather just roll it out to the balcony. After I got mine which was a gift from oldest daughter/husband she just had to have one for herself in the same color as yours. Enjoy!

    The weather can’t seem to make up it’ mind as it was 65 degrees here today and were expecting snow on Friday.

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