here, kitty, kitty, kitty

Someone asked me how many cats we have, so I decided to post about them. We love cats. But even with that being the case, we really have too many cats right now. Eight is the current number. And, no, we couldn’t give any one of them up.

They love kitty treats. When the bag is shaken, they come running! Zilli in the back, Ski in front of her, then Riley, Winston and Clark. Winston has some tail, doesn’t he?!

Kitty treats

Zilli spends most of her time on the bed in the downstairs bedroom. She is Middle Daughter’s cat. When she hears her mistress coming in the back door, she gets excited and runs to greet her.


Zilli is a beautiful cat. She’s a little prickly, though. Pet with caution.


Riley joined our family last spring, when Youngest Daughter found her at a local historical site. Riley ran out of the woods and attached herself to YD. She sent a picture to me and I said a reluctant OK. Riley loves DH. She has a throaty rumble that she still makes for the kittens and she makes the same sound for DH and no one else.


Little did we know, when we took her in, that Riley was three days pregnant at the time. She gifted us with four kittens on May 17. Two of the babies found new homes and we decided to keep Winston and Clark.

Riley's kittens

Winston loves to watch TV.

Winston loves to watch TV.

He seems to think he can find the people under the television.

Winston wonders if the people are hiding under the TV

Clark is a very sweet tempered cat. He knows no strangers and wants to be friends with everyone who comes through the door. The twins can lug him around and he takes it without complaint.

An armful of Clark

Ski is my kitty. Another sweet tempered cat. He follows me around the house and naps where ever I stop, waiting for me to get up again.


He does the laundry with me every day.

Ski loves to help with laundry.

Ski has been a good “uncle” to the kittens. He is still best of buddies with Clark and Winston.

Uncle Ski and the kittens  ]

Amy was a stray that found her way to our back door as a kitten.

windowsill nap

She is an acrobatic cat. She can jump from the floor to the back of the chair and walk across it as though it were a tightrope.


Cedar is Oldest Daughter’s cat.

waiting for her human to come back

She is shy at first but friendly once she gets to know you.


Buttercup is Youngest Daughter’s cat. Buttercup came to live with us when YD found out friends were taking her to the animal shelter nine years ago. Buttercup loves, loves, loves Youngest Daughter. She often hangs around the back door when it’s time for school to let out, waiting for YD to come home.

buttercup in the kitchen window

Sweet Buttercup

Did you know cats can sleep anywhere?

In a basket….


On a rocking chair…


In a box, on top of office supplies…

sleeping on office supplies

In a laundry basket…

Nap time

On an open dishwasher…

Silly kittens fell asleep on the dishwasher door.

Under a Christmas tree…


With a chicken…

nap time for kittens and roosters

On a railing…

Buttercup on the railing

In a box, on a cart…

nap time

On a window sill…

sunny side

On a heat register…

one relaxed cat

On a paperweight, in the sunshine…

snoozin' on the windowsill

Sweet kitties. And so very entertaining… But don’t offer us any more! We have a hard time resisting!



  1. Sandra L.
    Posted January 24, 2016 at 12:01 pm | Permalink

    Oh my….each and every one of your cats are so sweet and all those different personalities. I want them all…lol! Sadly I have a severe balance issue and fall or lose my balance several times a day so doctors and older daughter’s orders are no cats. Can’t say I am happy about it but must go along with it as if the cat dashed in front of me, I could lose my balance and hurt myself or the cat. If I feel on a cat and hurt it I would never forgive myself.

    But I do get to visit my GrandCat who is a pretty Tuxedo cat who is a rescue feral.

  2. Posted January 24, 2016 at 3:58 pm | Permalink

    Sandra, so sorry to hear you are not able to have a kitty. They are such great companions. It’s nice you are able to visit your GrandCat. 🙂

  3. Emily
    Posted January 25, 2016 at 2:19 pm | Permalink

    So sweet! I am an animal lover, so I really enjoyed this post.

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