Christmas tidbits in the kitchen

I promised more Christmas pictures, so am going to show you some from the kitchen today.

We didn’t put a tree on top the fridge this time. It always seemed a tad too big for the space and we were cutting out a few things to save on decorating. Not that you could tell! So no tree in the kitchen this year, except for the small half tree that hangs over one of the pantry doors.

Our kitchen was originally an enclosed back porch. It’s 27′ long and 11′ wide with a 12′ ceiling. One end is walled off as a pantry with two small doors, one on each end. A large gingerbread cookie cutter hangs over one door and a small half tree hangs over the other door. Family pictures hang over the catch-all dresser. The old walnut dresser came from DH’s side of the family.

Kitchen photo wall

We’re enjoying the amaryllis. I’d encourage you to try forcing one if you haven’t done it before. The flowers are so beautiful and the growth rate, once it gets going, is amazing. Something fun for the kidlets to measure each day. The lidded glass jar came from my dear mother-in-law. We have fallen into the tradition of keeping old fashioned peppermint balls in it at Christmas time. The photo on the dresser is of Older Son and Youngest Daughter and was taken in 1999. Now he is 36 and she is 17.


I love the four little elves my sister found at a thrift shop. Aren’t they the cutest?


The shelves over the kitchen table are decorated for Christmas. Don’t you love these shelves? A friend of ours made them to order for us in 2006 or so. The vintage canning jars near the top are filled with bead garlands, blue and silver jingle bells, tinsel, and small blue and silver ball ornaments.

kitchen shelves

This is a thrifted nativity. It came with identical twin wise men.

kitchen shelves

The angel came on a floral arrangement quite a few years ago. She graces the shelves every Christmas.


Even the fruit bowl was decked in red and green. And orange…

fruit bowl

Just to the left of the fruit bowl is the window into the dining room. Remember, this room used to be a porch. I didn’t tidy the baker’s table for this picture…probably should have… The framed picture is a page out of a 1918 (I think I have the year right) magazine. It’s an ad for bread. Cute, curly-headed little boy in a high chair eating a slice of bread. The ad tells the mom how good the bread is for growing boys and girls. The door to the left goes into the front hall.

kitchen window to dining room

One evening last week, we had the most beautiful sunset. The entire sky was pink and purple and blue. This is looking south east. You can also see the garland over the kitchen windows with its collection of snowflake and icicle ornaments, and there’s a peek at my pie plate collection above the windows.


That’s it from the kitchen. I’ll do another room soon.

I hope your home is decorated and ready for the celebration of Christmas!


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