christmas tree countdown ~ snow tree

Yes, Christmas is past, but I made a promise to myself to blog about all our trees, so I’m still plugging away. I hope you don’t mind!

The Snow Tree can be found in the dining room. For years we decorated it with shredded plastic “snow,” but I can’t justify that. We try to avoid one-use plastic. So, so bad for our environment. We’ve even gone to paper punch and coffee cups for the Open House rather than use plastic and Styrofoam. In 2012, I looked for a viable alternative to the plastic snow and decided on cotton. My sister Genny and I covered the entire seven foot tree with bits of cotton on each and every branch. To put the tree in storage, the ornaments come off, the tree is covered with a large bag, and taken, still assembled, to the attic. The cotton has stayed on quite well.

Christmas Open House

The shredded snow was beautiful piled on the branches. And it stayed on the tree very well, surprisingly. It did have to be removed and thrown away after Christmas and that made a mess in the dining room. Nothing the vacuum cleaner couldn’t handle, though.

snow and snow balls

The cotton looks pretty good, too. Not the same, but not all snowfalls are the same, either. And I feel better about the use of cotton over plastic.

snow tree

A smaller snow tree sits on top the dining room cupboard.

dining room cupboard

The dining room windowsills are deep. Seems the decorations for the windowsills change every year. Here are two of my favorites.

dining room windowsills

dining room window sill

This year, Youngest Daughter used a chalk marker to draw snowflakes on the dining room windows. Very pretty!


Click this link to see how we prepare the table for the display of the snow tree. Setting up the Snow Tree

setting it up

Our ceilings are twelve feet. Placing the tree on the table gives it a lot of height and takes up less room than a nine foot tree would take. Much smaller footprint.

"snow tree" in the dining room

This tree goes up quickly and comes down quickly. Always a plus. And a big attic doesn’t hurt when it comes to storage!


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  1. grandma lise
    Posted January 12, 2015 at 9:15 pm | Permalink

    Rhonda, I think it was the night shot of the candle in the blue vase on your window sill, with the outside trees lighted with multi-colored lights, that got me thinking – (was it last year?) – about creating outdoor winterscapes. I haven’t done anything, but it was and is a lot of fun to think about. 🙂


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