Christmas is coming down

The decorations are coming down. Older Son and his lovely wife came yesterday morning, stayed overnight, and all day today to help.

Thanksgiving Day

DH, Middle Daughter and Grand-Daughter also helped. I appreciate it so much! They cleared the addition, which is the downstairs bedroom, the addition hall, the laundry and the downstairs bath.


They finished the music room, the front hall (including the banister), and the library with the exception of putting away the tree. The ornaments are stored away, though. About 35 boxes put away all together.

front hall boxes

I printed out the storage box list and they used that to pack the decorations in the correct boxes. Once it is done on paper, I will update the computer file and we’ll be ready to decorate for next Christmas.

making a list and checking it twice

Before the Garden Tree came down, Ski had to check it out. He has been here for just over a week and has been leaving the bedroom to explore the rest of the downstairs. Feeling right at home.

Ski checks out the garden tree

I have been sick with a recurring problem and have spent most of the last week in the recliner. I still had fun with the grands. I printed a house pattern from my computer and the girls cut them out and made paper houses. They had so much fun!

Making paper houses

Making. Paper houses

Most years I am not eager to see the Christmas decorations come down, but this year is the exception. I will be glad when they are down and put away. We got a good start on it this weekend and I am grateful to my family for all the help!


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  1. Vickie
    Posted January 4, 2015 at 12:17 pm | Permalink

    I hope you soon feel better.
    It is so nice to have family to help.

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