twin time

The grands have been here quite a bit lately. When their Great-Ma passed away, they and their daddy stayed here for four days. Our son from Seattle was here, as well, and our daughter who spends her summers in New York came home for the funeral. Our youngest daughter still lives at home and the middle daughter lives nearby, so she was also home. It was a sad occasion, but it was also nice to have all our children under one roof for a few nights.

The twins went home Wednesday, then came back Sunday afternoon and stayed until Tuesday. We had a lot of fun. It was nice to relax after the somewhat stressful time the week before.

They played with the cats…


And played on the bed…


They filled the birdbath with the hose. Anytime you can use the garden hose is a good time. Snow White said, “The birds need a drink.” And Rose Red replied, “And a bath.”


They caught fireflies after roasting marshmallows. Rose Red is the firefly whisperer. She comes back to the jar with two or three at a time. Snow White has a harder time of it, but she catches her fair share. And they are careful to follow the house rule. You may keep fireflies in the jar overnight, but they must be released the next morning.


They colored this picture together, then Snow White presented Rose Red with a trophy they made from paper and tape for “Best in Show.” Never mind that it was the only picture in the show. And that they colored it together.


Snow White took a selfie with my phone and admired the hole her first loose tooth left. She was very excited to find that her straw fit right in that hole. She exclaimed, “Wow! I can get a drink and don’t even have to open my teeth!”


Being a grandparent is great. Their visits are joyful highlights, unencumbered by the little stresses of day to day life. We thank God for blessing our family with the twins and their big sister.




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    Looks like they had a good time together. I saw this on pinterest, and thought of you. Though i do wonder if you have already seen it. I thought it looked like a fun craft.

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    oops. leave it to me to forget to give you the link.

    i also updated my email and website

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