late may to early july

Here are some photos from the past few months.

May 24 ~ my birthday. David and his family were here and we enjoyed a great grilled meal. During the course of clearing the table before dessert, Snow White ran into a plate held by Rose Red and had her own little medical emergency. Pa grabbed the ice pack from the freezer and applied it with a kiss. Snow White thought the ice pack was great and kept it balanced on her head for some time.

booboo bump

All better in time for homemade strawberry ice cream.

homemade strawberry icecream

Father’s Day…blackberry cobbler and more homemade ice cream.

Father's Day

And lots of help from Rose Red and Snow White when Pa was ready to open his presents.

Father's Day

Snow White drew a picture of Pa for Father’s Day, complete with his blue shirt and his grey hair.

Father's Day

The lilies filled the fenced garden with a sweet fragrance for a few weeks, then bowed out, letting the daylilies take center stage.

lilies in the fenced garden

We had a spell of rain, rain, rain. Looking out the kitchen door…a high of 64 on July 2. Our normal high for that day is 89.

rainy and chilly

Nothing better on a cold rainy day than a long afternoon nap. Amy settled down on the rug and stayed there for hours.

Nothing better than a long afternoon nap on a cold and rainy day.

The rain has certainly made everything lush and green.

fenced garden

front yard garden

Fourth of July…parade, lunch with David’s family, and then a long afternoon to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Ready and waiting for the annual Fourth of July parade.

Fourth of July Parade

DH does a little pre-parade entertainment with his juggling skills.

Fourth of July Parade

Candy sack in hand, Rose Red waves her flag and waits for someone to throw candy to her.

Fourth of July Parade

This doe and her fawn are living in our back yard. We see her several times a day. The fawn is a rarer sighting.

doe, a deer, a female deer...

The daylilies are at their peak. If you’re local, come by and check them out.

front yard garden

I’ll post daylily closeups later. Have lots of those!


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    great photo’s Ronda

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