house concert with nathan, mark, and ross

As last year, the Nathan Clark George concert was wonderful! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening! Nathan was joined by his good friends Mark Stoffel (mandolin and the violin) and Ross Sermons (upright bass). The threat of possible icy weather kept some people away, though the ice didn’t materialize, and a few people called in their regrets due to prior commitments. We hosted about 35 guests.

dec 2008 105

dec 2008 067

You can hear Nathan’s wonderful music here. Several people commented on how very much they enjoyed being at the concert in person, hearing the music live. An added dimension to an already beautiful experience.

After the concert, we served appetizers and finger foods, coffee and punch. Everyone stayed to snack and chat, and took the opportunity to look over the CDs and DVDs available for purchase.

dec 2008 109

One guest (in the yellow shirt below) realized he had heard Mark play at his grandfather’s house twenty years ago!

dec 2008 110

I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed the evening! It was great fun, as well as spiritually refreshing. We are already looking forward to next year’s concert! Mark told us that after three years in a row, it would be a tradition, and we’d just have to keep doing it year after year. Sounds like a good plan to me! 🙂


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    I wish I was in that third picture talking with those wonderful people! :~( It’s Christmas, though it hardly feels like it. Lol. You should see our Christmas tree…it’s actually a sad palm tree, but hey, it’s a tree. I sure did miss seeing your beautiful house this year.

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