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making putz bases

I continue to work on my box of Putz houses. I put window panes in them and made window and door frames for some of them. I’ll finish that part of the project tomorrow. Yesterday (Friday) I spent my craft time making bases for the little houses. I scoured my Christmas card collection to find […]

green and pink two-story putz

I’ve been working on the box of Putz houses I had made a couple of years ago. None of them had window panes, so I put those in first. After the window panes were in, it was time to add the window and door frames. I started with the little two-story green house with the […]

soup and putz

Our weather has been cold and windy. I made chicken tortellini soup this morning and put four quarts into the fridge. We’ll be set for a few days. I find soup comforting when the weather is bitter. I have a box of Putz houses that I made a few years ago. Today I got them […]

sorority putz

Youngest Daughter started college this fall and one of the groups she joined is the sorority Sigma Delta Tau. For Christmas, I made a little sorority Putz house for her. It was fun to make. I googled the sorority and clicked on IMAGES. I found their crest, a paddle and a sign that I copied, […]

turquoise and dark red putz house

I saw a little Putz house online and decided to draw a pattern for it. Mine looks nothing like the one I saw, though there are similarities in the house design. I did move the chimney and changed its design a bit. My house…with the lights on… A rather simple design. Classic, though, and that’s […]

mid century putz

Younger Son’s wife loves anything to do with mid century design. We have worked on mid century Putz houses together in the past. You can read about that here: December 2014 mid century putz houses This link will show you how she diplayed them Christmas 2015. January 2016 mid century putz houses revisited Most of […]

santa’s Christmas tree farm

My last Christmas Tree Lot sold quickly. I am happy to say it went to a very good home. Someone I know who will enjoy it for many years. So today I began a new tree lot. This one has a different style of building. This is how far I got on Day 1. I […]

noel farms Christmas tree lot

I have been working on this little Putz Christmas Tree Lot for a few days. Finished it today. This is much like the two I’ve made before, but I try to make each one a little different from the others. This one has lights, which is a first. Also a snowman, rather than a mailbox. […]

green putz with copper embellishments

I finished this little house today. I like the color combination. The embellishments are copper colored. The base is 5 1/4″ wide and 3 3/4″ deep. The Putz measures 5 1/2″ tall, from the bottom of the base to the top of the foliage. A tiny brown, glass bead serves as a door knob. The […]

custom order putz village

My first custom order. I made it for a local friend. She wanted gray and yellow and no green to match a particular room in her home. It was the biggest Putz project I have undertaken. Here is a close-up of the first little house. And the church. And the other little house. Top view. […]