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mini teal and yellow putz house

This little teal and yellow Putz house has been listed in my Etsy shop. It is made from the same pattern as the yellow and red house, but has been reduced to 80% of the original. Puffs of smoke are optional. They are included with the house. This vintage Christmas card is one I wanted […]

lastest putz houses

I have several Putz to share. The first is a mini church. When you tilt one of my Putz houses, you will find a surprise underneath. The Christmas card I used for the base of this one is embellished with pretty gold foil. These mini Putz are quite a bit smaller than my usual ones. […]

mini putz church

Besides Putz houses, I enjoy making churches, barns and Christmas tree lots. Here’s a mini church I made yesterday. The bottle brush trees are decorated with pale blue and yellow pearl beads, faux snow and clear glitter. All my Putz buildings are on bases made from upcycled Christmas cards. The words on this base are […]

putz houses in different sizes

I have been making some of my patterns in smaller sizes than I drew them initially. This pattern was fun to make in the mini sizes. I copied the pattern at 80% of it’s original size for this house. The colors for my Putz houses are dictated by the colors on the Christmas cards I […]

new Christmas tree lot listed to etsy

I finished this sweet Christmas Tree Lot this morning and have listed it in my Etsy shop. The puff of smoke is optional. When I saw the four trees lined up on this Christmas card, I knew I wanted to make it into a Putz base for a Christmas tree lot. When the Putz is tilted, […]

mini putz house with a cat

I have become intrigued by small Putz houses. It began when I drew a pattern to match the barn pictured on a particular Christmas card. When the pattern was done, I realized the finished Putz was too wide to fit the card properly, so I reduced the pattern to 80%, using my printer. Because I liked […]

a few more putz houses

I found a very cute, though small, Christmas card that I decided to use as the base for a Putz house, so I drew a pattern and came up with this. How cute is this card? And I love the colors! A tiny Santa plays his cello for the singing elves… I made the wreath […]

latest putz houses

I’ve made quite a few Putz houses since I last posted. This pattern was drawn with inspiration from a local house. There used to be two of the little brick duplexes, but one has been demolished. I adapted it to one front door. The tiny deer is the perfect addition to the front yard. I usually […]

a putz house with a problem

A few days ago, I drew a pattern for this Putz house, using the house on the Christmas card as the inspiration for my Putz house. This photo shows the paper mockup I always make with a new pattern before cutting it from poster board. It’s the best way to see if all the parts […]

my favorite tools and supplies for making putz houses

A lot of people enjoy making Putz houses and we all use our own methods and favorite tools. Following are my personal favorite tools and supplies for the craft of making Putz. If you have other favorites, please share! Cardboard / Poster board I buy white poster board at Walmart for use in building Putz […]