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red and teal putz barn

I found a Christmas card with a barn picture that I just had to use. I haven’t made a barn with a silo before. The roof is made from corrugated cardboard to simulate a ridged metal roof. The fence is made from heavy-weight poster board and wooden skewers. The cow’s name is Merry. I added […]

blue and yellow putz church

This Putz church is the second one I made from this pattern. I drew the pattern with inspiration from a photograph of a vintage Putz church. You can see the first church here: Yellow and Green Putz Church This church features a metal, free-swinging bell in the bell tower, two bottle brush trees and a […]

red and tan putz barn

The newest Putz barn is finished and I’ve listed it to my Etsy shop. Just for fun, here’s a picture of it “pre-snow.” The barn and the fence haven’t been glued down yet, either. Corrugated cardboard makes a great ridged metal roof. I drew the pattern for the barn without the inspiration of a […]

green and red putz house

I like the little Putz houses the best. This one is from a pattern I drew in 2012. I call it the “ski slope” house. I haven’t made one for a while. I found this cute card for the base. I had planned to make the door red, but forgot to do that while I […]

ivory and blue putz barn

This barn is made with the same pattern as the brown and blue barn. It is 20% larger, though, and I left off the lean-to on the right side. I also made the loft door into a window on this barn. The round window over the doors is covered with a bead cap that I […]

brown and blue putz barn

I drew the pattern for this Putz barn and, when it was assembled, realized it was too wide for the card I used as inspiration for the pattern. I reduced the pattern by 20% using the printer, and that worked perfectly. The little cow’s name is Noel. This Putz barn has been listed to my […]

yellow and mint green putz church

I finished this Putz church today. I drew the pattern for the church with inspiration from a photograph of a vintage Putz church. I use nativity Christmas cards for the bases of all my Putz churches. My Putz houses usually get what I call “holiday” cards, which is my code word for secular Christmas cards. […]

putz barn

I have made several Putz barns lately and have really enjoyed them. I generally use the picture on the Christmas card I use as a base as inspiration for the pattern I draw for the barn for that base. This week, I made this barn, which sold before I had finished it. The customer asked […]

vintage-style putz house in ivory and beige

The past few weeks, I’ve been taking note of Putz houses with three-peaked roofs. I decided to draw a pattern to make some of my own. The house is ivory. The beige color of the roof is also used on the fence. The door and window frames are white. The base is one I made […]

tutorial ~ make a board fence for your putz barn

As I worked on this Putz barn, I took some pictures of the process I used to make the fence. It was my first effort at this type of fence, and it worked well. If you like the look of a board fence for your miniature barn or house, give it a try! The inspiration […]