Monthly Archives: January 2014

crustless broccoli and cheese quiche with bacon

The inspiration for this dish came from the recipe Cheddar Broccoli Quiche. I added ingredients to mine that make it a different dish. Following is my version. Crustless Cheese and Broccoli Quiche with Bacon 1 tsp. canola oil 3 c. chopped broccoli 2 c. sliced mushrooms 4 oz. Canadian bacon, diced (or use bacon of […]

menu plan ~ January 27, 2014

I suppose I should title this post “back in the saddle again.” Where’s Gene Autry when you need him? I haven’t been keeping up with my menu planning. The holiday season was hard this year. I didn’t feel well and the weather was not cooperative for some of our planned events. My side of the […]

postponements and cancellations

We spent yesterday watching a major winter storm move through. Our daughter’s friend, who was visiting for the week from Chicago, had to go home a day early to miss the storm. We were afraid we wouldn’t be able to get her to the airport because of the blizzard conditions being forecast. It’s a good […]

happy new year!

We wish you joy in the new year! While areas north of us had a lot more snow, we received about an inch last night. Just enough to make things pretty out the window. Which is fine with me! I’m already thinking spring, and the sooner the better. Our youngest daughter has a friend from […]