postponements and cancellations

We spent yesterday watching a major winter storm move through. Our daughter’s friend, who was visiting for the week from Chicago, had to go home a day early to miss the storm. We were afraid we wouldn’t be able to get her to the airport because of the blizzard conditions being forecast. It’s a good thing she was able to go home yesterday, as the airport cancelled most of the flights.

And the family Christmas for Saturday was also postponed. For the second time. Some family members have to drive too far to risk the weather.

The weather was so peaceful the past few days that it was hard to believe we got 10″ of snow with this storm.

evening sun

DH keeps his bird feeders full year round. We really enjoy watching them from the kitchen window. With the weather turned bad, the birds have been feeding more heavily than ever.

Carolina Wren

busy bird feeders

My brother made the bird feeder for us. It is extra tall so it’s easily seen from the first floor windows. Our first floor sits about five feet above ground. The stand holds four feeders and has a handy hooked pole to lift the feeders on and off the hooks.

DH's bird feeders

Home, Sweet Home

home sweet home

Today the snow has passed us. The sun is shining but it’s -6* out there. Even the postal service was cancelled today. Stay warm! Stay safe!


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  1. Hilary
    Posted January 6, 2014 at 5:39 pm | Permalink

    Love that picture of your house,it is so beautiful!Hope you are staying warm and safe as well!

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