Monthly Archives: June 2011

menu plan monday ~ june 13, 2011

Seems the weather is going to be cooler this week than last, but perhaps wetter. We’re not adverse to a little rain, though. The garden would appreciate it. The daylilies are providing a lot of color in the garden right now. This is the “common” daylily, otherwise known as a “ditch lily” around here. But […]

menu plan monday ~ june 6, 2011

The weather has turned into summer quickly. It’s been hot and humid. The peonies and most of the irises are done blooming. The Asiatic lilies are blooming, though, and they are beautiful. We don’t have as many as I’d like, but here is one of my favorites. The daylilies are beginning to bloom and that’s […]

more hostas

In the lull between the iris / peony blooms and the daylily flood, we are thankful for the hostas that grace the garden. They add color, texture and beauty. A sense of peace after the fast moving spring flush. Over the past few years, the bed by the carport has become more shaded. Last year, […]