a few pretty blossoms

I have taken a lot of daylily pictures the past few days and would like to share a few with you. DH and I check out the FFOs (First Flower Out) every day. Sometimes the FFO is not the best looking blossom, so I don’t post every one on its debut, but we’ll be getting better pictures as the daylily season unfolds. You can see a lot more daylilies from our garden on my flickr site.

‘Novelty Number’ has a beautiful blend of color.

Daylily 'Novelty Number'

‘Two Part Harmony’ was planted in our garden in 2009. It’s looking great this year.

Daylily 'Two Part Harmony'

‘In Springtime’ had never impressed me until we moved it from one bed to another. Now it’s showing better color and is growing on me.

Daylily 'In Springtime'

A pretty pink one, ‘Chorus Line’ has the green throat I like so much.

Daylily 'Chorus Line'

‘Pure and Simple’…orange in a lovely way.

Daylily 'Pure and Simple'

‘Tiger Track’…orange in an in-your-face sort of way. This one is stunning when viewed across the garden, and even more so close up.

'Tiger Track'

‘Monterrey Jack’ is one of my very favorites. The yellow is a beautiful shade.

'Monterrey Jack'

Daylilies come in so many colors, shades, sizes, forms and textures. Here’s a subtle one, but no less beautiful than those more intense.

'Courtly Love'

‘New Note’…another gorgeous color.

'New Note'

‘Fairy Tale Pink’…soft and lovely.

'Fairy Tale Pink'

There are a lot more blooming in the garden. I’ll share them soon. Remember, if you’re local, we do sell daylilies. All proceeds go to the mission fund of our church. If you see a plant on this blog or in my flickr stream that you like, make a note and give us a call.



  1. Posted June 14, 2011 at 12:29 pm | Permalink

    Hi Rhonda – Thanks for visiting my blog! I’ve spent a most pleasurable feww hours reading yours. And what a beautiful garden you have! I am dreaming of mine looking like yours one day when it matures a bit. Thanks for all the great advice I’ve found here.

    PS: LOVE your Day Lilies! They are really beautiful.

  2. Arien
    Posted December 26, 2011 at 5:12 am | Permalink

    So Beautiful Flower….I Love it….

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