last week in pictures / january 22-28

Monday / Lots of cloudy days lately. I got a shot of the 15 seconds of sun I saw that morning.

a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day

Tuesday / Ski and Winston enjoy their favorite fountain.

cat fountain

Wednesday / I ❤ glitter.

I <3 glitter

I ❤ lots of glitter. I’m glad to have it organized and ready to use!

I <3 glitter

Thursday / Clark stands guard over Middle Daughter’s packing.

Clark stands guard

Friday / I didn’t get a picture on Friday, so here’s one from Saturday. Amy loves a good belly rub.

Amy gets a belly rub

Saturday / While I took the ornaments off the living room tree, I paused to take a picture of this one. My maternal grandfather did a lot of carving with his pocket knife. He gave me this little trinket on my 21st birthday.

carved by my maternal grandfather

Sunday / When we went to evening church, just at dusk, we saw a herd of nineteen deer in the field behind the church. How often do we overlook the blessings of nature when we see them every day? Then we see something out of the ordinary, and it reminds us of God’s creation and the every-day beauty all around us. Even in the dead of winter.

herd of deer at dusk

Another week of decluttering under my belt. Looking at another one this week.


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