teal and brown autumn putz house

This autumn Putz house is pretty in teal and brown.

Autumn Putz house`

I found this lovely autumn-themed greeting card in my collection of cards I’ve been gifted with by so many of my friends. It made the perfect base for my autumn Putz house. Thanks to everyone who has donated their used greeting and Christmas cards to me! Just FYI, I am always looking for more cards!

Autumn Putz house`

The pattern for this house is one I drew in 2012 from a picture of a vintage Putz house that I found online.

Vintage Putz house

The fence is made with natural twigs.

Autumn Putz house`

So cute with the light shining through the windows and door. The metal frame for the tiny window hole at the top of the house is made with a bead cap. I flattened it with a rubber hammer and glued it over the hole. Makes a great frame for a tiny window. Especially on a church.


A Putz house starts with a little bit of poster board, some paint and glitter.


I usually don’t have a plan for embellishments when I start a new house. I choose a card for the base, then choose a pattern for a house that will fit on it. I paint the house to match the greeting card. As I work on the Putz, the color dictates which embellishments I can use.



This Autumn Putz house is posted in my Etsy shop. ChristmasNotebook.etsy.com


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