cat antics

It takes no more than a bit of ribbon to put the kitties in a playful mood.

where's the ribbon?

hi, Niko

Zilli wanted a turn with the ribbon…

zak and zilli

…but it doesn’t take much to set Zak and Zilli off when they are playing together. Before long they were flying around the room…

run, pounce!

Happy peeked in to see what was going on, but refused to participate. She’s not a party animal.


The birthday balloon was particularly intriguing to Niko.


Even when it was tied to the upper cabinets, he considered going for it. We had to put it away before he gave up.

why can't I have the balloon??

After play time, some lap time. Niko won’t jump into just anyone’s lap, either. You have to be special.

lap time


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