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spicy creamy tomato pasta

We have discovered a new recipe which everyone in our family enjoys. It’s called Spicy Creamy Tomato Pasta. I found it on the Spicy Southern Kitchen web site. Her recipe has onion and garlic to cook, which I know would make it all the more wonderful, but we are going for an easy recipe for […]

beefy (or chicken) cheesy tomato soup

A few weeks ago, I included in my week’s menu the link to Beefy Tomato Soup. When it came time to make the recipe, I didn’t have a few items, so I revised the recipe. As I often do. And, of course, I used a small amount of dry onion rather than fresh due to […]

roasted lemon chicken with veggies

This is a new recipe for me. It is very easy to make and turned out delicious. We will be having this again. I started with the chicken recipe at the following link and modified it slightly for my own use. Roasted Lemon Chicken with Potatoes and Rosemary I used boneless, skinless chicken as that […]

harvest grain bread

This is a recipe DH and I tried this week. It is delicious. Tastes great fresh, makes wonderful toast and very tasty hamburger buns. The loaf slices perfectly for sandwiches. DH baked the bread in a cloche. We used the recipe at this link as the basis for our own recipe. Harvest Grain Bread Harvest […]

strawberry truffles

Middle Daughter and I made three kinds of truffles for wedding favors at her friend’s wedding. The bride requested Butter Creams, Chocolate Truffles and Strawberry Truffles. This is the first time I’ve made strawberry flavored truffles. Youngest Daughter tasted one of the truffle centers and had a flashback to childhood. When she was three or […]

open house cookies and candies

The day after the open house, we divide the cookies and distribute the leftovers. I put one box of cookies in the freezer for my side of the family’s Christmas party, one in the freezer for our church’s Christmas party, and one box of truffles in the freezer for the concert we host in our […]

cream cheese mints as truffles

I have a “truffles” board on Pinterest where I save recipes I might want to try. One of the recipes I saved was for Cream Cheese Mints. I added extra butter to mine. Also a pinch of salt. Minty Cream Cheese Truffles 8-oz room temperature cream cheese 6 T room temperature butter (not margarine) pinch […]

twenty jars of spiced apple slices

I have always enjoyed home canning. Today I was able to share that with my Eldest Daughter. She hadn’t helped with canning before, but she was a trooper. Stuck with me until the end. Even through a couple of mishaps. But we did fine. The apples were beautiful. I used Jonathans. There were a couple […]

ham, bean, cheese soup

The menu said “Fridge Food,” which usually means “open the fridge and see what you can find.” But the weather is cold and I wanted something nourishing and warm. After perusing the fridge, I decided to use the food I found to make soup. That was ham and leftover deer sausage. I had chicken stock, […]

menu plan monday ~ december 15, 2014

It took me a while to get back up to gear after the open house. DH took that Monday off work, which was nice. Our son and his wife were here until Wednesday afternoon, which was also nice. We enjoyed our visit with them. In a few days, we will host a house concert with […]