Monthly Archives: August 2015

menu plan monday ~ August 17, 2015

Two of our kittens are enjoying their new homes. The two we are keeping are still hanging out together. Always nice to have a fuzzy, cozy buddy to nap with. Our yard is about three and a half acres, with a lot of plants, a low spot with a slow-seeping spring, and about an acre […]

history trip

Pa took Snow White, Rose Red and Middle Daughter to visit replicas of Christopher Columbus’ ships, the NiƱa and the Pinta. The night before, Rose Red admitted to Pa that she was a little nervous about going to see the ships. When he asked why, she said, “There might be sailors there!” Not sure why […]

menu plan monday ~ august 10, 2015

It was a long week. DH was at our presbytery’s summer youth camp, serving as Director, and I spent several days putting together the traditional camp yearbook. Middle Daughter took all the pictures. She came home each evening and would dump them all on my computer. Making the yearbook is a challenge, but a fun […]