Monthly Archives: February 2014

make a salad box . . . your own mini salad bar

Would you like an easy way to fit more salads into your menu? An easy way to help your family choose salad with dinner or for a quick and light lunch? You need a salad box! A salad box is a self-contained mini salad bar in your own fridge. Everything is prepared ahead of time […]

menu plan monday ~ february 10, 2014

“Dear Lord, afford our souls a spring, Thou know’st our winter has been long; Shine forth, and warm our hearts to sing, And Thy rich grace shall be our song.” That’s the last stanza of the poem “Waiting for Spring” by John Newton. The entire poem has a much broader spiritual meaning, but this last […]

menu plan monday ~ february 3, 2014

Here’s the menu for the week. The Chicken Capri was a big hit yesterday and DD took the leftovers home, so we are having it again this week by mutual consent. Also, we had the Asian Flank Steak last Wednesday and we liked it so much we are having it again this week. Thursday is […]