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In the lull between the iris / peony blooms and the daylily flood, we are thankful for the hostas that grace the garden. They add color, texture and beauty. A sense of peace after the fast moving spring flush. Over the past few years, the bed by the carport has become more shaded. Last year, we moved peonies out and moved more hostas into it. They didn’t seem to mind the move at all.

‘June Fever’ stands out with its beautiful color.

Hosta 'June Fever'

‘Waving Wuffles’ and ‘Clifford’s Forest Fire’

Hosta 'Clifford's Forest Fire'

‘June’ is nearby. This is my favorite hosta. I love the color and its vigor. ‘June’ just keeps going.

Hosta 'June'

And here’s a small hosta that I really like. It’s called ‘Lemon Lime.’ It would make a very pretty edger.

Hosta 'Lemon Lime'

‘Invincible’ has a very glossy green leaf. It makes a shady spot sparkle.

Hosta 'Invincible'

‘Golden Tiara’

Hosta 'Golden Tiara'

In the front yard, ‘Royal Standard’ and ‘Grand Tiara’ grow under the redbud tree by the front porch.

Hostas under the redbud by the front porch

‘Torchlight’ is under the same tree.

Hosta 'Torchlight'

We have some hostas that have been in the garden ten years or so. ‘Blue Angel’ may be one of those. I don’t remember when we added it.


‘Powder Blue’ was added to the garden a few years ago. This is going to be a gorgeous hosta when it reaches maturity. It’s a beautiful powdery blue color and is supposed to grow to a 60″ wide clump.

Hosta 'Powder Blue'

Another fairly new hosta in our garden is ‘Journey’s End.’ This, I believe, is it’s third summer. It is growing quickly. The hosta to the right is ‘Candy Hearts.’

Hosta 'Journey's End'

Hostas come in so many different colors, sizes, and textures. They are a beautiful addition to the garden and don’t require a lot of care other than mulching. Like most other plants, they do best with adequate moisture, especially during their first season in the garden, but once well established, they can take care of themselves.



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    Hi Rhonda I love the pictures you post of the plants you have in your garden. I have 2 excellent books on hostas. They are both written by the owner of Q & Z Nursery. The newest book is called Hostapedia. Have you heard of or seen a copy of this book? I think you would enjoy it.

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