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ten influential books

There is a challenge making the rounds on Facebook. One is supposed to list ten influential books. My husband challenged me, after listing his own. Here’s the list I came up with. The Holy Bible Above all. The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis Still speaks to readers across the centuries. Pilgrim’s Progress by […]

stained glass

We have a friend, Gary, who makes beautiful stained glass. I recently shared on Facebook the stained glass angel he made for me. I thought I’d share more of his work here. He certainly deserves the credit. Gary surprised me one day by stopping by with a gift. The stained glass angel! In my absolute […]

does anyone else collect pie plates?

My first memory of pie is my Grandma Ruth’s pies and the glass pie plates she used to bring her yummy pies to family reunions. The tops were decorated with cutting lines, punched with a fork, and sprinkled with sugar before baking. I loved those pies. Even as a child I was captivated by that […]