Monthly Archives: July 2018

a putz house with a problem

A few days ago, I drew a pattern for this Putz house, using the house on the Christmas card as the inspiration for my Putz house. This photo shows the paper mockup I always make with a new pattern before cutting it from poster board. It’s the best way to see if all the parts […]

my favorite tools and supplies for making putz houses

A lot of people enjoy making Putz houses and we all use our own methods and favorite tools. Following are my personal favorite tools and supplies for the craft of making Putz. If you have other favorites, please share! Cardboard / Poster board I buy white poster board at Walmart for use in building Putz […]

a little putz on a long card

I have been eyeing this Christmas card for a long time, thinking about putting a Putz house on it. A few days ago, I got it out and drew a pattern inspired by the little house on the card. I added extra windows because the house needs to light up well. I make all my […]

my latest putz houses

Here are a few Putz I’ve made in the past week. This Putz is one of several mini ones I have made. I like the smaller size and plan to make more of them. The card base for the above Putz… This double-chimney Putz is a new pattern I drew last week. This is the […]

my latest Christmas tree lot

I drew a new pattern for a Christmas tree lot yesterday and finished the Putz today. It is smaller than my other Christmas tree lots. The base is made from a Christmas card highlighted with gold foil. Each tree lot I make gets a different name. This is Merry’s Christmas Tree Lot. A lantern charm […]